Rib Supports

With the application of technology, our Rib Support production offers a fully automated, computer controlled, single pass system where lengths of material are cold rolled with constant arc measurements, cut and robotically transferred to a welding station where butt plates are attached by welding robots. This automated process is specifically designed to cold roll wide flange H-beams, I-beams, channels and permits reliable and consistent tolerances to be controlled to + 1/8” on critical dimensions. All ribs are cold rolled, not pressed. All supports are designed for requirements of each project.

With the automated equipment, changing sizes is easily and quickly effected, allowing us to take care of multiple customers for small orders.

Cold rolled supports using W4x13 to W6x25 beams for tunnels or shafts are most commonly required. Underground Support Systems is also capable of cold rolling 3″ beams for your application. The significant advantage of this design is ease of handling, particularly in smaller tunnels where access height is restricted. Rib weights are reduced by more than 40% compared to the 4″ rib and offer cost effective, faster, safer installations. Fabrication of 3″ rib supports is available tunnels as small as 48″ diameter.

Various configurations of tunnel shapes including horseshoe and modified horseshoe supports as well as shaft ribs of any size can be fabricated according to your design criteria. The option of our proprietary Rib Clip design can offer additional benefits.

  • Specifically designed, computerized robotic manufacturing cells to roll wide flange H-beams, I-beams, channels for tunnels and shafts
  • Various configurations according to design criteria
  • Cold rolled 3″ I-beam Rib Supports for tunnels as small as 48″ diameter, more than 40% lighter
  • An optional proprietary “Rib Clip” that eliminates the need for butt plates on Rib Supports