Welcome to Underground Support Systems

Underground Support Systems Inc. has been fabricating tunnel supports since 2004. We were born of necessity for the needs of a tunnel contracting company who were unable to obtain the consistency they required. Tunneling is where we started……….Innovation is where we headed……….

With the application of technology, our Tunnel Rib Support production process offers a fully automated, computer controlled, single pass system where lengths of material are cold rolled with constant arc measurements, cut and robotically transferred to a welding station where butt plates are attached by welding robots. This automated process is specifically designed to roll wide flange H-beams, I-beams, channels and permits reliable and consistent tolerances to be controlled to + 1/8” on critical dimensions. All ribs are cold rolled, not pressed. All supports are designed for the requirements of each project.

With this equipment, changing sizes is easily and quickly effected, allowing us to take care of multiple customers for small orders.

We have also developed a proprietary, robotically manufactured Tunnel Segment Liner designed to provide a thrust platform to advance the tunneling machine, reinforcement for the excavated tunnel or shaft and is available with a water tight gasket. This offers the first viable, cost effective alternative to concrete segments for shorter tunnels or shafts. Flange sizes can be built to any thickness or dimension to minimize or eliminate internal supports such as ribs.

The Segment Liners can be built for erector arms or manual installation for any diameter or weight. Galvanizing is also available.

As our customer, the end result for you is value; a high quality product when you want it and a competitive price.


Underground Support Systems has delivered a number of “firsts” to the North American tunneling industry:

  • Specifically designed robotic manufacturing cells for Rib Supports and our proprietary Segment Liners
  • Cold rolled 3″ I-beams Rib Supports for tunnels as small as 48″ diameter, more than 40% lighter
  • A proprietary steel Segment Liner that offers a practical alternative to concrete segments for shorter tunnels or shaft lengths, available with a water tight gasket, galvanizing
  • A proprietary “Rib Clip” that eliminates the need for butt plates on Rib Supports